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Friday, October 29, 2010


One of the things I have been wanting to cross off my Life List, is going apple picking in New York, and then making an apple pie... after 6 years of living here, I have finally done it! Jay just got a motorcycle(!), so I hopped on the back with a backpack to bring home the goods, and off we went.
It was, literally, the perfect weekend for a ride. The sun was shining, and the leaves were at their peak- the colors were amazing! I maintain that the best way to see the fall foliage is on the back of a motorcycle. It was so nice to get out of the city for a day and get some fresh air. Check me out playing Biker Chick:

We ended up about 75 miles north of the city at Fishkill Farms.

The PERFECT apple:

They give you a big bag and you can fill it for $20! We (ok I) may have gotten a little carried away...

Note to self- 20lbs of apples is kinda heavy- especially on the back of a motorcycle.
But we made it home and I got to work!
Prior to this I had made 2 pies in my life, both pumpkin for Thanksgiving, and I was super happy with the Martha Stewart crust or- if you are fancy- Pate Brisee recipe I used, so that's the first place I went. Martha has never let me down when it comes to baked goods...
For the filling, I found her Classic Apple Pie Recipe, which I modified a little: I did a traditional top instead of the leaf cutouts, and I eliminated the egg wash (egg yolk and heavy cream), and used a little water on top instead.
I also used a technique I found on this video (still Martha) for the bottom crust. Instead of rolling out the bottom crust you press it in the pie pan a little at a time. It cuts the dough rolling in 1/2, plus it makes an awesomely rustic and thick bottom. I will do pies like this from now on. **I didn't use the recipe from the video, so feel free to just skip ahead to the crust pressing part.

The first one was so good (And we had enough apples for 4 pies), I decided to make another one!
This time I got a little fancy and went for some leaves.

I found a star cookie cutter from Christmas and turned it into leaves by making the veins. Worked like a charm! I could feel myself channeling Martha!

Of course we didn't get any after it was baked because we were just too excited to eat it. I am sure there will be many more pies in our future, though... and many more Pilates workouts to counteract that butter crust!


Teri [a foodie stays fit] said...

I am so impressed with your pie crust! I've never made a pie crust before and yours is beautiful!

Did you take the pictures at the orchard with an iPhone photo app? If so, which one? They are so cool!

Jenn Seracuse said...

Thank you! You have no idea how proud I am of it... I was so intimidated by making my own crust, but I have to say, Martha, Martha, Martha. When it comes to pies she is queen in my eyes. And Yes, the pics are from my iphone Hipstamatic app. I am obsessed with it! My husband is a real photographer, so this at least gives me a fighting chance to make pictures half as good as his.
PS... I really love your blog!

Teri [a foodie stays fit] said...

Thanks for the info! I need to download it!

And I'm so flattered you like my blog. Thanks!