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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Side Leg Series #2!!!

There are so many variations on the Side Leg Series, so I wanted to do two videos. And, honestly, don't be surprised if somewhere down the line Side Leg Series #3 pops up. I just can't get enough of this amazing hip, thigh and butt workout...
The key word for this series is "rotation". Once you check it out you will see what I mean.
You can view it on the Lean Body Pilates website here OR on the Lean Body Pilates You Tube channel here.
Have fun!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


is all about the side leg series!

I must admit this is one of my favorite parts of the Pilates workout. Get ready to feel the burn and sculpt sexy hips, thighs and butt!

*Quick reminder it's not about range of motion, it's all about the control... so, for example, it's no use kicking your leg all the way up to your face, if your hips fall completely out of alignment.
Remember: Hips stacked, shoulders stacked, abdominals engaged, and crown of the head reaching to the opposite wall keeping the neck nice and long.


Monday, September 20, 2010


Ok, maybe not everywhere, but I have found some new online communities that I am psyched to be a part of.
As you can see on my sidebar I have become a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher! Foodbuzz is a San Fransico based company that is essentially "facebook for foodies". It's a great way to share recipes/cooking tips/restaurant reviews... all things food related. Featured Publishers get their content highlighted, an opportunity to actually make a little money through advertisements, and lots of other cool perks- bring on the samples! Lean Body Pilates may not be a traditional food blog, but I do LOVE food- from eating (obviously), to learning to make new things and incorporating healthy recipes into my life. It seemed like a good fit to me and I am glad they thought so too!
The other site where you can now find Lean Body Pilates is Healthy Living Blogs.

Healthy Living Blogs is a new resource for the health blogging community. Created by Lindsey of Sound Eats- a great blog BTW, HLB is designed to enhance the positive community of the healthy living blog world. Once again... good fit! I love fitting in!
So, check me out in my 2 new spots!
**And if you happen to join foodbuzz, be sure to become my friend and buzz me!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


and it is Joseph Leonard.
Jay and I happened upon this West Village gem quite by accident a couple of months ago. We just had drinks there then, but last week we finally went back for dinner, and I am already dreaming of going back...
Everything about this place is PERFECT as far as I am concerned. There is even a chefs counter you can sit at and watch the magic happen! We almost sat there, but it was a little warm, so we opted for stools at the bar (in fact, the exact spot in the pic below), but near to the chefs counter so we could still watch a little. ;)

The decor is amazing! Check out all the mirrors... Plus there's this:

I was in love right away... Thank God the food lived up to the decor (nothing worse than awesome atmosphere and not so awesome food).
I love sitting at the bar! We had an awesome bartender who was super helpful with the menu and the WINE LIST. It was hot, so we knew we wanted something white and refreshing. They didn't have our usual go to Marlborough Sauvigon Blanc, so we were a little unsure. He recommended a Muscadet... New wine to add to the love list for sure! So now that the evening was off on the right foot, we were ready for food.
We started with oysters on the half shell and octopus. Oysters are my FAVORITE, so that was a no-brainer. Jay and fell in love with Octopus when we were on our honeymoon in Positano, Italy, so there were some huge shoes to fill. The chef nailed it! I am still getting used to the whole taking pictures thing, so I didn't get a pick of it. But seriously, trust me and try it.

I DO have a pic of the pan roasted chicken I had for my entree...

It was served with golden beets, spinach and a spicy-onion relish.
I'm telling, there is nothing better than perfectly cooked chicken... lucky for me I found the recipe online on the Village Voice Blog. Score!
Jay had a New York strip steak with fingerling potatoes and a jalapeno relish.
Our bartender also sent us a complimentary side of "summer stuffing." What's that you say?? Stuffing in the summer? That's crazy...
Crazy good!

And as if that wasn't enough... then came dessert. Oh the dessert... We definitely felt like splurging so we each got our own! I had the salted caramel pudding.

There really aren't words to describe it's goodness. It was topped with whip cream and crumbled sugar cookies... need I say more? Jay had Carrot Cake.

I only had a bite (or two) because I was very busy with my pudding, but it was delicious! Both were a perfect ending to a perfect meal!
What it all boils down to is, Joseph Leonard is my kind of place.

Amazing fresh and seasonal ingredients+ awesome decor+ super friendly and knowledgeable staff+ a VERY handsome dinner date= Heaven!

food photos:serious eats NY
interior photos:Sam Horine

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Even with my new walking obsession, I still found time for my Lean Body Weekly Workout. Check out #6!

It's a shorter video this time, but has a big pay off... lots of balance and strength work with quadruped and planks. Hope you are ready for a great total body workout!

Monday, September 13, 2010


to better physical and mental health!

I admit that I never really gave walking too much thought. Maybe, it's because I am a New Yorker, and that's what we do... walk. A lot. I recently read an article in Whole Living magazine (formerly Body and Soul), that got me thinking about walking. It discussed walking from three different angles:
Walking for fitness
Walking for therapy
Walking for meditation
I was so intrigued! Maybe walking's not just a way to get me from home to the subway and vice versa... Maybe there is something more to be gained from putting one foot in front of the other. I set out on a mission to try all three...


The first thing I did was to be more mindful and aware of the walking I was already doing- this seemed like a good place to start,
because like I said... It's A LOT. I implemented the principles I read about walking for fitness into my everyday walking commutes:

-Practicing correct posture with the crown of my head reaching to the sky and shoulder melting down my back and of course my abdominals engaged up and in.
-Keeping my strides short, quick and light, rolling from my outer heel to my big toe (not as easy as it sounds)
-Keeping my elbows bent at a 90 degree angle swinging from the shoulder joint bringing my fist up as high as my chin and back to my hip (I have lovingly named this "Barbie Arms") -And lastly trying to make sure I am at at least 75% of my max heart rate and no slower than 3mph

Now, instead of dreading my walk to the train, or gym, or grocery store, I look forward to it! It's like I get a mini workout without taking any extra time out of my day. It is less of an annoyance if I am getting some physical benefits out of it. PLUS... I have been able to incorporate fitness walking into one on my private clients' routines, by going to the park and coaching her as she walks. She needs more cardio on top of the Pilates, but has a hard time staying motivated and focused, and also has troubles with her knees. Having me there to remind her "how" to walk has been so good for her! She has already made great strides- pun ABSOLUTELY intended! ;)

I have a little bit of experience with this one, because Jay and I like to walk together. We would much rather walk than take a train if we can. We even walked to Manhattan from Queens over the 59th street bridge to avoid the subway. My favorite tradition of ours, is walking around the Jackie O reservoir in Central Park on Thanksgiving Day. It's so beautiful, especially in the fall! Plus we feel better about stuffing ourselves later...
He was the only person I ever really walked this with, so I thought why not try out this therapeutic walking business with some girlfriends. I happen to be going through some pretty big life changes (which I will discuss here when the time is right) and I knew I wasn't alone, so I was hoping I could get some gals on board. I was right! I have had successful walking dates with a couple girlfriends (one of whom is a new mom, so we combined fitness and therapy in one) and plan to have many more! It's a much healthier- not to mention inexpensive- way to hang out with the people I love, than grabbing a drink or eating out. It's also a great way to explore. I found two new places I never even knew existed in Central Park the other day with my girlfriend, Shea: check them out here and here; and I went to Astoria park- which is very close to my house and which I had never been to in over 3 years of living in Queens- with new Mommy, Jen. I highly recommend taking a walk next time you are craving some girl time or spouse time. It's a wonderful way to connect, talk, listen, and burn some calories in the process.

This one has been the hardest for me but I am working on it... I think it's because there are so many distractions here in NYC. Even if I wanted to quiet the gazillion thoughts traveling around in my mind, the fire truck blaring it's siren has other plans for me. I am sure meditating is a lot easier in a place like this:

I think another trick is not having a destination in mind, or a time that you have to be anywhere at least. I do walk by myself a lot, but I am always going somewhere.
I'm going to keep trying to figure this one out, and I'll keep you posted.

I am extremely thankful to Whole Living for opening my eyes to walking, and how much more there is to it than just getting from one place to another. If you are like me, and live in a city that requires you to walk from place to place, I encourage you to cherish that time, and use it to your advantage. If you live in a "car culture", find a trail or path, and a buddy and move those feet! Relish in the fact that your body has the ability to propel you forward- literally and figuratively- and move you where you need/want to go in life.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It's time to flip it over and do some back extension work!

** One quick tip/reminder: When you are on your tummy, relax the legs and butt on the floor and press the hip points down into the mat, as you draw the belly UP and IN away from the mat- keeping it engaged- so it is never splayed out on the floor. This will keep your lower back protected as you work those back muscles! Have fun!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


and I have a cold! Ugh.
The only comfort of a summer cold is how awesome icy treats feel sliding down a sore throat, so it seemed like the perfect time to let you all in on my new favorite frozen treat.

This is some I made yesterday

I found this gem of a "recipe" on Choosing Raw on a post entitled "This Post Will Change Your Life." I had to try it! I use the term recipe loosely, because literally all you do is stick 2-3 cut up bananas in the freezer- I put them in a tupperware- for a few hours and then throw them in the food processor. Process for a about 5 minutes and I kid you not you will have super creamy banana soft serve! It has to be a processor, not a blender, otherwise you'll just have a banana smoothie.
Once you have the base you can mix it up with melted dark chocolate, chocolate chips or peanut butter (Jay's favorite). I kinda just like it plain though.
This definitely fits into a Lean Body Lifestyle... It's a great way to enjoy a sweet frozen treat without the guilt.
Sorry for the pun... I think my husband is wearing off on me.