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Wednesday, June 15, 2011



If you follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook, you know that Jay & I attended the Big Apple BBQ Block Party in NYC last weekend, and I thought it would be a great way to bring back "LEAN BODY LOVES"- my favorite series!

What's the Big Apple BBQ Block Party you ask?? Only the greatest weekend ever, or to quote the official BBQ website:

"The weekend-long event occurs every June and brings together the country’s top pitmasters who cook up their award-winning food for over a 100,000 barbecue enthusiasts. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Madison Square Park, the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party attracts people from near and far to sustain and celebrate America’s authentic culinary and musical traditions."

Like I said, the greatest weekend ever. We've been over the fact that I love food centered outings & this is the mother of them all!

**DISCLAIMER** If you are a vegetarian, you will not like this event. It is very meat centered and there aren't really any veggie options. One place served turkey (which I know is also technically meat), but to be honest it didn't hold a candle to the pulled pork.

Ok, now that THAT's been said. BRING ON THE MEAT!

This was our second year attending the block party. Last year I was given Fast Passes by my amazing friend Kira so we could skip all of the lines! You pay $125 and get $100 to spend any way you wish (meat- $8/plate, beer- $6, or dessert- $4). Each pass comes with a guest pass so 2 people can get into the special line on the backside of the tents & you can share the money. Let me tell you... it's worth it! I went 2 years ago without one and didn't end up getting ANY food, because the lines were crazy. Obviously we sprung for them again this year. Once you go FAST you never go back...

The best part was we bought them with a little money from this years tax return. BBQ on Uncle Sam!

It did rain on us this year, but a little rain never hurt anyone.

It separated the true BBQ lovers from the sissies (in other words, cleared out the crowds).

Here's a list of the places where we got plates:

The Salt Lick BBQ- Driftwood, TX: Really great sausage & briskit, and actually the only place I managed to snap a pic of our plate before we devoured it.

Rack & Soul- New York, NY: Finger-lickin' good baby back ribs & fantastic baked beans.

Black Jack BBQ- Charleston, SC: Pulled pork with a really interesting sweet BBQ sauce that almost had a licorice flavor.

Martin's BBQ Joint- Nashville, TN: Tennessee whole hog sandwich with the coleslaw inside with the pork... seemed a little crazy at first, but I really liked it.

Pappy's Ribs- St. Louis, MO: Hands down the BEST ribs of the day!

Ed Mitchell- Raleigh, NC: I absolutely LOVE North Carolina pulled pork with their vinegary sauce! Apparently so does everyone, because this place had the longest line all day. It was definitely worth the wait though. YU-UM!!

That's Ed Mitchell himself in the overalls behind all the smoke:

It should be said that we were there ALL day so we did not eat all of this food in one sitting and we shared one plate from each of the places we went. We ate at a couple places, took a beer break, then went back. After all, what's BBQ without beer??

It was a great day and I am already counting down the days until next year! If you are too, make sure to check the site around March/April to get your FAST PASSES, they do sell out!

Here are a few more pics just for fun!

These guys with their T-shirts killed me!

Clearly they haven't met the right girl...

I'm glad Jay was into keeping it co-ed!

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