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Friday, March 12, 2010


And they're always glad you came!
You all know how it goes, but I say: Why does this familiar tune only have to refer to your neighborhood bar? What about your neighborhood Pilates class ( or any class for that matter but I am slightly biased)...

One of the greatest reasons for taking a group fitness class is community. You are surrounded by people who, like yourself, are trying to incorporate fitness into their lives. I have a strong group of "regulars" in all of my classes, and we all delight in seeing each other week to week. Many people shy away from classes because they are afraid for one reason or another:
-everyone will be better than they are
-they are not in good enough shape
-the instructor will judge them
Rubbish! Having other people around you when you exercise can be a very good thing... And it's not just the teachers who may motivate or inspire you, but the other students as well. In fact, I had an experience in a class of mine that was the inspiration for this post...
A connection was made between two women who were new to my class (and Pilates in general). After class one women said to me "I am a woman on a mission... I just quit smoking, and I am trying to lose weight and get healthy." The other woman chimed in "I haven't smoked in 13 months... I promise you it gets easier!" This led them into a deep discussion, and they were still talking when I left the gym. It was so wonderful to see these women form that bond after my class. And I am confident they will be back (and maybe even be regulars), because now they know they are not alone. So don't feel shy or apprehensive about taking a class. You never know who will be on the mat next to you and what they might have to offer.

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