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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Because I LOVED writing my Valentines Day post so much, and also in an effort to get back to doing some weekly segments- Remember my LIFE ESSENTIALS??- I am starting a new series called:

Once a week I will talk about something I am loving at the moment- products, websites, classes, recipes, TV shows, etc. I thought about just bringing back Life Essentials, but somehow the title seemed too serious. These Loves aren't
essential to my existence, just things that make me smile and I hope will make you smile too!

This week, LEAN BODY LOVES...

At the risk of sounding totally crazy, I am borderline obsessed with Jessica Seinfeld (yes that Seinfeld) & her website Here's why:

The Recipes

First and foremost, she cooks amazingly flavorful, healthy, and simple (as in quick & easy not unrefined) food. She also provides nutritional info, helpful hints, a list of tools you need and ideas for what to serve with the dish to make it a meal. Here are 2 veggie recipes that I am loving right now :

Her first cookbook was about sneaking veggies into meals for kids, but the truth is, sometimes ADULTS need to be tricked too. In fact, I whipped up some of these Kale Chips on a night we were having a friend over for dinner who is notorious for his dislike of most things green (much to the chagrin of his vegetarian fiancee). He tried a chip to be polite, and promptly said "Wait, I actually LIKE these!" as he went back for more. And just like that, another leafy green success story!

The Kitchen Guides

Learn how to stock you kitchen, shop for & store your food, and decifer labels to be a more intelligent consumer. Love it! I took the Well Stocked Kitchen list with me to the store right away.

The Videos

The idea for Do it Delicious was born out of Jessica wanting to help her friend Ally learn to cook. She started making videos for her to show her how simple it can be to make good healthy meals. So, in addition to step by step instructions & photos, there are videos for some recipes. The videos are great because, if you are a visual learner like me, it's easier to see someone actually cooking than to read a recipe and figure out what your are supposed to do. Plus, she doesn't take herself too seriously and has a good time, which make the meals seem even easier. I am going to be making this Peppercorn Steak VERY soon!

Jessica's Blog

It's not only entertaining and personable, but informative as well. This post on being an EATIE is one of my favorites... probably because I am one.

So if you are: busy and on the go/trying to get the family to eat more veggies/ trying to eat more veggies yourself/ afraid of your kitchen & cooking/ excited about your kitchen & cooking/ looking for new recipes/ or just an EATIE like me... check out Do it Delicious!

**All the opinions on this blog are mine and mine alone, and everything I endorse is out of my own true love of that product.**

All photos courtesy of Do it Delicious.

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Blake and Aubrei said...

And I love this post. I think Alley might be my twin. I need to try some of Jessica's recipes and learn to cook more with veggies. Thanks for sharing!