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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Easy for this guy:

Not so easy for a freelancer who loves her job. Seeing the empty space on the calendar- which I have carved out for myself on Wednesdays- is hard, especially when people are wanting me to teach classes or schedule private sessions.

It is so tempting to say "Yes, I am available," and give up my free day. In fact, earlier this week I caught myself thinking: "I don't need a whole day off," and "It's basically a day off if I only teach one class or one private."
And then... I got sick. I'm talking head cold, nothing life threatening or serious, but significant enough to knock me on my a%$. So I here I am on the couch with a box of kleenex, very thankful that I have today off, and also realizing that not having a day off is not an option. There is a difference between ambition and stupidity, and thinking I can work every day is just plain stupid. I am no good to anyone (including and especially myself) if I am burning the candle at both ends and in turn, completely burned out. No one is going to fault me for taking a day for myself... a day when I get to choose the places I go and the people I see- and if they do, they aren't the kind of people I want to be around.
So... I'm officially writing it here to keep myself in check:

Until further notice, Wednesday is my day off and I will not be teaching any group classes or private sessions.

Believe me I am not happy that I got sick, but I am taking it as a sign that I need this day of rest. I urge you to take a look at your own work schedule- especially if you are your own boss- and make sure there is at least one day OFF.

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