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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


and I have a cold! Ugh.
The only comfort of a summer cold is how awesome icy treats feel sliding down a sore throat, so it seemed like the perfect time to let you all in on my new favorite frozen treat.

This is some I made yesterday

I found this gem of a "recipe" on Choosing Raw on a post entitled "This Post Will Change Your Life." I had to try it! I use the term recipe loosely, because literally all you do is stick 2-3 cut up bananas in the freezer- I put them in a tupperware- for a few hours and then throw them in the food processor. Process for a about 5 minutes and I kid you not you will have super creamy banana soft serve! It has to be a processor, not a blender, otherwise you'll just have a banana smoothie.
Once you have the base you can mix it up with melted dark chocolate, chocolate chips or peanut butter (Jay's favorite). I kinda just like it plain though.
This definitely fits into a Lean Body Lifestyle... It's a great way to enjoy a sweet frozen treat without the guilt.
Sorry for the pun... I think my husband is wearing off on me.

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