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Monday, August 2, 2010


As some of you know, I am going to be making some short online videos which I will release once a week on my website. I am SUPER excited about this project and I have decided in an effort to make these videos portray the very best version of myself, I want to clean up my eating. Unfortunately this means... (cue ominous dun, dun, duuuun music) cutting carbs, sweets and wine, and sticking to lean protein and fresh veggies and fruit.



Lucky for me my husband has agreed to clean up his act as well- which makes cheating impossible since I also have to answer to him. I really want to believe that I wouldn't cheat, but anyone who knows me, knows how I love the bread... and the chocolate... and the wine. Oh the wine. As Jay has oh so lovingly pointed out, "A little discipline would be good for you." I do have to admit, it was fun to go to the grocery store and fill our cart with produce every color of the rainbow. We made absolutely beautiful salads for lunch yesterday- I have to get better about taking pictures of my food.
Today I plan to take a trip to the Union Square Farmers Market as a treat in between teaching...

I absolutely love farmers markets! Heirloom tomatoes anyone??

Chicken photo:
Union Square photo:

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Anonymous said...

Excellent! For me its guilty pleasures like chocolate milk and ice cream. Its so easy to lose track of how much of that stuff I eat. I too just went food shopping and was proud of my purchases. And last night, I whipped up a very tasty Kale concoction with chicken breast, using the sauce you and Jay brought back from Maine. Delicious!