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Friday, August 27, 2010


is probably my favorite magazine at the moment. I swear, it's like Christmas when it comes in the mail every month! I was particularly looking forward to this months issue, because I was in a serious food funk. Over the past several months, I have developed a true love of cooking, but lately I have been feeling totally uninspired by food... which for anyone who knows me is TOTALLY CRAZY. Enter the September issue of cooking light to save the day... I read it twice and am totally back on track!

Last night I made salmon* and a Golden Corn Salad with Fresh Basil from the magazine.
It was soooo good and totally easy! I got the ingredients from this AMAZING (but super expensive) grocery store on the Upper East Side called Eli's. They have the most beautiful produce! I snapped a pic of the heirlooms in my basket to send to Jay.

It is right across the street from my Thursday night mat class, so I tend to find myself in there after I teach. I am glad I am only in that neighborhood one day a week or I would be broke!

So, here is the magazine version:

and mine (Jay's plate turned out to be prettiest):

Not too shabby, right?? I wish I had better lighting and composition, looking at it now, but we were hungry and anxious to dig in... I swapped the regular cherry tomatoes for heirlooms- my favorite- and bought white corn, because it was fresh and local. To quote Jay, "This is one of the best meals you have ever made!" It will definitely become a staple around here. Thank you Cooking Light!
Oh and, as a bonus, this issue also has a great article about Pilates! It's good for anyone thinking of giving it a try for the first time...

*We just really wanted Salmon. You could serve the salad on it's own or with almost anything really.

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Jay Sullivan said...

I'm eating it again right now and Babe it's even better the second day!